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Earrings/Ear Piercings/Studs/Expander Rings, etc (12/2021)

Hi all, What can anyone tell me about the effects (either + or -) on general overall body health, as it relates to multiple ear piercings? Some people stick with a single discrete stud through their earlobe, but we also...

Test Question: what acupuncture points are contraindicated for cupping and why? (12/2021)

Hi all... This question was posed to me on a recent oral exam. I am not looking for general contraindications such as think skin, bony areas, skin conditions, or anything like that. The answer actually had about 2 or 4...

What type of laser to use? (12/2021)

Hi - What type of laser is suitable in general acupuncture on the ears, hands, elbows and knees, in a case where you are trying to avoid a needle due to the patient being on blood thinning medications (cancer) and...

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Electroacupuncture (8/2013)

Hi - Does anyone know of good/modern reference textbooks or journal articles on use of electrical stimulation with acupuncture (electroacupuncture) in general (entire body) - and also on a secondary note - electroacupuncture in dentistry (for TMJ issues, pain control,...

Test Question: what acupuncture points are contraindicated for cupping and why? (2/2013)

Hi - my recollection was the GV 4 should NEVER be cupped and I think GV17 might have been another area -I can&#39t remember but I will ask again. The rationale was that, you would never want to pull energy...

What type of laser to use? (10/2012)

Thank you for your response.I do understand your comment about needles being safe, however, in this case, it is a patient undergoing cancer chemotherapy who has already lost a portion of a foot and the other leg above the knee.He...

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