Tong Ren Calcium Deposit

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Tong Ren Calcium Deposit

Published on 06-21-2010

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I've been using Tong Ren therapy to balance out my underfunctional thyroid. Luckily
they seem to be working well again but it seems that the illness has unbalanced
my calcium in my body. I found this out through a mineral check taken from my hair.
I would like to use Tong Ren to get the calcium problem back into balance.

I do know the points to open up the blockage for calcium deposit
(TW16, TW17, GV22, BL6, C6, C7, T12) but I don't know how to open up the arterial and venous vessel points for the organs and glands and how to go on from there.

I would be most gratefull if anyone could help me in this matter. Many thanks!

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Jun 2010

    I&#39m not entirely sure I understand your question. Generally the window of the sky points that you are using (TH 16, TH 17) open the blood circulation in the neck to better nourish the brain and the local area. The huatuo points of C6 and C7 (Thyroid and Parathyroid respectively) work directly on improving nerve circulation/communication and ultimately the function of the connected organs. From my understanding you are already accomplishing what you are asking. Is there something else you had in mind?

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    comment by "yvette08"
    on Jul 2010

    Thanks alot for your reply. In some documents I have it says that -

    1) Open up the blockage points in the five major areas: TW17, GV22 etc.

    2) Open the arterial and venous vessels (supply and return) to the organs and glands

    3) Find the location of the calcium - (which is not where it should be.)

    4) Clear out plaque and bone spurs

    Do you think opening up the blockage points TW17, GV22 etc. would already be

    enough to balance the calcium deposits?

    Thanks alot for your help in this matter and sorry for the late reply (have been away).

    Regards, yvette

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