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Headach / Tong Ren

Published on 06-19-2011

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Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came along Tong Ren and got the treatment for three month in
which the results have been just sightly under the normal results. My doctor kept telling me
to go back to Levotroxin and because the results haven't been completaly clear I gave the
tablett another go. My body did not accept the tablett and I've had for days the worst headach
I've ever experienced. Actually I felt quick well anyway without the tablett so I desided to leave
it. Over the last two years I just used the Tong Ren healing now and again to get my thyroids
back into balance. After I've tried the tablett of half of a 25microgramm last December I didn't
used neither the tabletts or Tong Ren healing and felt good.

Four weeks back I was working physically a bit more than usual and had the feeling that
my thyroids is a bit more in demand again. Instead of going for a blood test I just used the
Tong Ren treatment again and it completaly shot the wrong way. I have since three weeks
the most terrible headach and it doesn't seems to come to an end. I would even describe it
as beyond a headach. Its mainly in the middle of the brain, at the back and on both sides.
It defenite has come on while using the healing treatment and is not stress related.
With the headach has come pain in my lungs, both my arms, sensitive hands, ovarypain,
my thyroids don't feel balanced, dizzyness and ovarypain, I also feel really thursty in the evenings.

It seems I can't take the tabletts nor does the healing treatment works. I'm most greatfull for any
advise or help in this matter. I also would be interested on which part of the brain the healing has got an effect on.
Many thanks, Yvette

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comment by "archived-user"
on Jun 2011

What is your T3, T4 &TSH level now? Have you check MRI yet? What is your pain level 1-10?

for below pain level 5/10, you just need acupuncture and Tuina at local area enough or have more rest on bed. If your pain level more than 6/10, you need check your thyoid again at hospital.

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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Jun 2011

Hello Yvette,

I&#39ll say a few things about your case. But generally, if at all possible, I would consult locally with an acupuncturist/herbalist as that along with Tong Ren Therapy will be very helpful. First, your new symptoms do not match what you would commonly see with low thyroid function - slightly possibly with high, but not with low. So you may have simply strained some muscles in the neck/shoulder or even a mild herniation, etc. possibly from working. As Feng points out I would certainly get your thyroid checked, however, just to be certain what is happening. The only symptom that may be very related to the thyroid is the evening thirst but, again, that usually comes from high thyroid levels, so you will want to get that checked out.

I&#39m currently working on an article related to treating thyroid issues with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and tong ren - so check the site in a couple weeks. Generally speaking, Chinese Medicine has an easier time treating low thyroid than high thyroid. This is a generalization but low thyroid is often treated with Bu Zhong Yi Qi Wan and for high Liu Wei Di Huang Wan (among many others) can be very helpful along with acupuncture and Tong Ren.

Specific to you you need to do two things - one get your thyroid levels checked soon and if they are normal see an osteopath or neurologist to see if their are any obvious causes to your headache. Again, I would see an acupuncturist/herbalist in your area if you can. Finally, here are some Tong Ren points that should be helpful:

Start tapping with the sky window points (sides of the neck) - Tian Dong, SI 16, SI 17 (that general area) - both sides or if you have pain on a particular side spend more time on that side.</li>
Then up to tai yang at the sides of the eyes (again if you have a side that hurts more, focus on that side)</li>
Go up to GB 13 on the right side</li>
Then to GV 22 in the middle and then back to GV 19 on the back of the head</li>
Then GB 20 at the base of the neck, C1 on both sides, C2 on the right, then down to the thyroid C6, parathyroid C7, and T1 bone marrow</li>
Then out to TH 5 and LI 4 on either hand, then back to T1 and down to T7, L2 kidney, UB 40 (54) back of knee and finish down at LV 3</li>

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comment by "yvette08"
on Jun 2011

Hi, thank you very much for your comments. It has been very helpful. The headach is still there but I do have an appointment with the neurologist and hopefully one with the physiotherapist. I also consider booking an appointment with an acupuncturist. My thyroid level is just slightly above the normal level. Previously an endocrinologist has told me, that if I feel fine with those results, than we can leave it there.

Thank you again for you great support!!!



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