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Headach / Tong Ren (12/2021)

Hi, I have a question to Tong Ren healing. I've been diagnosed a few years back with a underfunctional thyroid. I came along Tong Ren and got the treatment for three month in which the results have been just sightly...

Tong Ren Calcium Deposit (12/2021)

Hello, I've been using Tong Ren therapy to balance out my underfunctional thyroid. Luckily they seem to be working well again but it seems that the illness has unbalanced my calcium in my body. I found this out through a...

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Headach / Tong Ren (6/2011)

Hi, thank you very much for your comments. It has been very helpful. The headach is still there but I do have an appointment with the neurologist and hopefully one with the physiotherapist. I also consider booking an appointment with...

Tong Ren Calcium Deposit (7/2010)

Thanks alot for your reply. In some documents I have it says that -1) Open up the blockage points in the five major areas: TW17, GV22 etc.2) Open the arterial and venous vessels (supply and return) to the organs and...

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