Tong Ren During Pregnancy

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Tong Ren During Pregnancy

Published on 04-07-2008

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Do the contraindicated acupuncture points apply to Tong Ren for pregnancy? I was wondering if it was ok to tap the doll around the the sacrum, coccyx, perineum etc. (which seem to be in contraindicated areas) for hemorrhoids caused by pregnancy?

Thoughts? Ideas?

Many thanks!

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    Generally, no, the points contraindicated in pregnancy for acupuncture/acupressure do not apply to Tong Ren or other energetic based treatments. The needling/pressure contraindications in the area for hemorrhoid's in particular (low back/sacrum, etc.) have more to do with avoiding trauma to the fetus than any energetic reason. Whereas other points such as LV 3, which are contraindicated, are avoided due to the downward movement of energy that they create which could technically cause an issue during pregnancy. This is less of an issue with Tong Ren and other energetic arts as well, but strong dispersive and/or descending techniques points should be used with caution as a general rule during pregnancy.

    For hemorrhoids then, you can tap on the following points:

    T7 for the blood vessels, huatuo's of S2, S3, S4, and S5 (to clear the sacrum area), possibly adding in points such at GV 20 (draw the energy up the spine) and GV 17 (medulla/blood vessel issues).

    Posted: 04-08-2008


    Are you aware of any instances where Tong Ren has been used during Labor? If so, was it useful? What Tong Ren points would be most effective to ease labor?

    Thanks for all the great info!

    Posted: 04-09-2008

    Certainly, we use Tong Ren often to help facilitate labor. Acupuncture is useful as well but some of the points you cannot use, even to support delivery, so Tong Ren is in some ways a better modality. Additionally, many hospitals will still not allow acupuncturists to practice within the delivery rooms (mostly due to legal issues) so energy work is a better option as you don't even need to be in the room. Generally you want the energy to go downwards and out, and similar to acupuncture you use many of the points that are contraindicated during pregnancy. You can start on the skull, points such as GV 21, then down to GB 20, GB 21, the lower lumbar huatuo's (L2, L4, L5, S1, S2), around to CV 6, then down the liver channel to LV 3. The emphasis is generally on moving from CV 6 (the abdomen) down with strong descending point such as LV 3 and/or KD 1 .

    Posted: 04-09-2008

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