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Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face (12/2021)

Hello, The last couple of years I’ve noticed some hard skin tissue around ST3. In the photo it’s where I’ve put my nail in. Is there a way to let this stagnation disappear and allow flow again? Beautysalon professionals don’t...

Itch after moxa at Du 14 (12/2021)

Today I have treated a family member with moxa at GV 14. At the beginning she didn’t feel so much, but later she relaxed more and she said that it started to itch enormously. What could that mean, specifically with...

Yin & Yang side of body (12/2021)

Last week, during a diagnose seminar we had a discussion at school about the yin & yang side of the body. The discussion was open-ended since we moved on to another subject. Front/back Which is clear: the front side is...

Acne on specific meridian (12/2021)

Skin problems can be a sign of an overactive or malfunctioning liver. Can acne on the liver meridian (on the inside of the upper leg) be an extra sign of this, or is there a chance of another underlying cause...

Sleeping direction (12/2021)

In Feng Shui there are ideas about the direction in which a person works, sleeps, etc. What can be said about the direction of sleep when a woman and man sleep together? Do the same sleeping directions count in this...

Unable to locate both wrist tendons (12/2021)

Yesterday I wanted to show a friend the ‘tsubo’ PC 6 for treating herself with acupressure. She didn’t have a serious ailment (she drank too much the night before) but she felt sleepy, dizzy and nauseous. I thought LI 3...

Tiny red spots on skin (12/2021)

Does anyone ever see small red spots on the skin, to be related to some certain kind of ailment or condition? I assume it could be related to fire in the lungs. I’ve given shiatsu chair massages yesterday and saw...

Heart constrictor - secondary meridian pathways (12/2021)

Hello there, When it comes to the actual meaning of meridians I still feel like a beginner. Especially looking at the connections that the curious vessels make between the traditional lines. I have a question though about the pericardium meridian....

Tiger warmer/ lion warmer (12/2021)

Even though I’m not a big fan of carbon moxa sticks, they come with less some smoke which is sometimes preferable. These sticks (the thin ones) are also suitable for a tiger or lion warmer. Can anyone -maybe someone with...

Moxa related questions (12/2021)

Does anybody do anything after treating a client with moxibustion? Or is it good to let the pink spot(s) glow after the treatment? Another question: what happens if you treat a “jitsu” (full) point with moxa? Let’s say LI4. One...

Location point Gall bladder 39 (12/2021)

Dear YYH, What would be the exact location of GB 39? In the text on the YYH page it says ‘posterior border of the fibula’… And I thought anterior, between the front of the fibula and the tendons. It seems...

Are sublingual veins related to kidneys? (12/2021)

Dear YYH, In my studies to become a shiatsu practitioner I was taught that diagnosis the sublingual veins played an important role in being able to diagnose the kidney energy. My teacher was a shaman as well as an experienced...

Just a small suggestion (12/2021)

Dear YYH, In this link I found a word - Asphasia - which probably should be without the first S. Just as a kind suggestion. Best, Merel

Air in abdomen around CV4/5 (12/2021)

What could it mean if there are synptoms of a hernia in the lower back and also the feeling of “moving air” while pressing CV4/5 area.? It probably has to do with tension/stress/indigestion but any other advice would be much...

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Yin & Yang side of body (10/2019)

The cyst was diagnosed on the left ovary. Later it was removed with a big incision, because of its size.

Sleeping direction (6/2019)

Thank you for your answer.

Heart constrictor - secondary meridian pathways (4/2019)

Dear Yin Yang house, I just noticed I’ve linked to another website in my previous message. I meant to link to the zen shiatsu meridian chart by Shizuto Masunaga (see attachment). The heart constrictor pathway he discovered seems to have...

Unable to locate both wrist tendons (3/2019)

Very interesting to know, and I’m surprised about the 14%. Thank you for your quick & clear response. Merel

Tiny red spots on skin (11/2018)

Very clear, thank you.

Heart constrictor - secondary meridian pathways (11/2018)

Thank you, this is helpful information. I’ve had the Hara diagnosis book for years but found it quite tough material to go through, but let’s see if I’m ready for it now. Kind regards from Holland.

Sauna in TCM (9/2018)

Interesting, I’ve never heard of qigong practice in a sauna. It doesn’t sound like anything a common Chinese would do, but what do I know. Have you learned more about the subject in the meantime?

Are sublingual veins related to kidneys? (8/2018)

Thank you for adding this information. It’s very helpful indeed.

Moxa related questions (8/2018)

Very informative thank you.

Location point Gall bladder 39 (8/2018)

It does help a lot. Thank you.

Emotional Chaos after treatment (8/2018)

It happened to me as well (more than once), and I have the experience that after this period (of a few days) the blockages seem to be kind of gone and I feel stronger than I felt before the treatment....

Air in abdomen around CV4/5 (6/2018)

Thank you, this really helps. It also confirms what other TCM practitioners told me in the past. I guess kidney energy can also be depleted as a result of this imbalance? Plus I’ve heard that ovarian cysts can also be...

Air in abdomen around CV4/5 (6/2018)

Dear Chad, Thank you for thinking along. I thought it had to do with kidney energy but this is a third yin organ… I guess they all work together in the end. In shiatsu I’ve been taught that the area...

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