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Skin does not heal properly after covid contracted/vaccinated? Is it common? (6/2022)

Hi everyone, I have noticed in my family of 4,(2 adults and 2 kids) some concern changes after recovered from Covid 2 months ago. We had a very mild symptoms when having Covid with highnfever of one day for my...

How to treat 19 weeks pregnant woman with severe insomia? (12/2021)

Hi everyone, I am currently pregnant 19 weeks, and having a hard time with insomia. I have a history of spleen and kidney yin deficiency long before getting pregnant , and always seem to complaint about not able to sleep...

Hiccup/burp when the point is press (12/2021)

Hi, I have a patient who has chronic shoulder pain for almost 2 years. I have treated her mainly with deep massage and some acupuncture just for local ahshi point. Lately I discovered a strange thing with this patient: whenever...

Reg: Endometriosis cyst in the ovary (12/2021)

Hi everyone,I have a question. Is endometriosis cyst in the ovaries a sign of blood stasis. Will it affect a woman fertility the same way as if the cyst is in the Uterus. How do you treat them regarding herbal...

Cupping (12/2021)

Hi everyone,I have used cupping lately to treat people with back and shoulder pain. However, I am not too sure what it means when sometime there is no red/ purple mark on those area where the cup have been for...

Can acupuncture help to lose weight? (12/2021)

Hi, I am recently got a lot of patients asking about treatment to lose weight. I am not sure if there are points that actually help people to shred their fat. I think that the only thing to lose weight...

Post laparoscopy surgery treatment for endometriosis (12/2021)

Hi, I have a client who just have a laparoscopy surgery for endometiosis(stage 4-very advance). The surgery went well and she is now want to be treated for fertility issue with acupuncture. How soon can I treat her? The surgery...

How to classify excess vs deficency (12/2021)

Hi, I have trouble with classify a client with excess or deficency pattern. To me they are just a maze, because a lot of people i treat seems to have both sign and symptoms. So how do you classify them...

What is the pronosis of treating chronic elbow/shoulder tendonitis (12/2021)

Hi, I am a recent graduate of a acupuncture program and don't have too much experience in this. Recently I have treated a couple people with chronic tendonitis on the elbow or shoulder. I have not getting very good result...

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What is the pronosis of treating chronic elbow/shoulder tendonitis (7/2007)

Hi Larcen,Yes, the client I have had tennis elbow. I found that the treatment I use is not very effective treating this. After 5 txs, she still has the pain and I am very disappointed.Jennifer

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