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Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health (12/2021)

Reading regarding Brain Care , reference is made to the Ovaries/ Gonad - Hypothalamus -Pituitary interrelationships. Is this a subject or concept included among TCM practices ? my primary question is , care of ovaries + if willing , your...

Clearing Personal Space of intrusions (12/2021)

How to shield and cleanse one’s energy Xi , body , “ personal space “ , and home from intrusions . Also specifically re protecting / shielding one’s crown chakra . And the forth through sixth chakras … OR ,...

For upper arm and forearm “ puffiness “ , what acupressure points can help (12/2021)

Warm greetings ! Would seriously welcome any and all insights and advice on this topic . i expect it includes applications to lymph , and to heart meridian , … others

Asking re lymph (?) puffiness in upper arms (12/2021)

Insight would be welcome re sources / causes / treatment for unnaturally “puffy/fluffy” upper arms …***. what meridians or organs , or other details should be addressed in treatment to provide significant care ( beyond visible “cosmetic” concerns ) ....

Leg health, veins (12/2021)

Advice is needed and would be welcome , re multiple spider veins in upper legs , recently with increasing intensity of their (purple) color and size , plus recent aching of upper legs/thighs and of lower legs, *** which meridians...

KD3 ... focused treatment for Kidneys! (12/2021)

Profoundly impressed with and Appreciative of your Expertise… your advice re this point KD3 promises to be of major broad benefit . Please , Specific Guidance ? : with acupressure only , or other methods , and specifically quantitatively Thank...

How to treat, with acupressure, the lower leg: outer shin (12/2021)

Warm Greetings - In appreciation of your profound and thorough expertise, 'a question - Kindly advise, what is the cause of “disturbance” of the lower legs, outer shin area - manifesting as dull/seminumb sensation, tight semi-swelling/enlargement of the area extending...

Inquiry re Brain Care + Appreciation !!! (12/2021)

Dears, 'Very Pleased to discover you - yet from a distance . 'having “searched” regarding the specific topic of acupressure points for cranial inflammation - In this question format, I write to broaden the topic for brain health - do...

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Emotional energy transference (8/2021)

Matt , thanks especially for your note / reminder / elaboration re Lung Pulse !

Emotional energy transference (8/2021)

Thank you !for responding thoughtfully , generously ! I sincerely apologize for being late in finding your gift — ‘d not received any of the updates via email ( ? ) Warm Best Respects

Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health (4/2021)

( a p.s. ? Best times and frequency for acupressure and moxa for Kidneys treatment, care ? )

Female senior , Ovaries , as / if related to Brain Health (4/2021)

Dear Chad , ! Thank You , seriously . Seriously needed ! This information is most welcome and potently meaningful . I have just begun reading; I’d ask re your selected QiGong practice best supportive of kidneys (of these ,you’ve...

Emotional energy transference (3/2021)

( just parenthetically to send Respectfulll Appreciation .,.,. For The extensively thoughtful considerations generously given and shared by thee within these communications , are profoundly moving )

Clearing Personal Space of intrusions (3/2021)

Thank You, Chad ! ‘Shall study your linked article . And , {a p.s. adding , later same day : I have found QiGong as you recommended , with your Tom Tam ! } ‘ re dietary , your recommendations...

Crepey skin on upper arms (3/2021)

To Linda , ‘ as i remember you this morning , sending two helps I’ve found for this condition . In case welcomed . These are aids which add to tcm … if ok with Chad to include .Chad refers...

Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face (3/2021)

‘ a p.s. … while appreciating your included Link , example of acupuncture effects . Question : is it possible to approximate these positive results with acuPressure ? your detailed advice ? “sincerely” , susahn

Stomach meridian? Stagnation / skin issues face (3/2021)

Good Morning New Days , Chad ! Grateful to receive in today’s email, Two needed questions/answers . If more detailed answers arrive , do you automatically kindly notify interested individuals by email ? Appreciation

Crepey skin on upper arms (3/2021)

Chad , renewing appreciation & respects … are you open to adding detail to your advice on this topic ? Please … such as Which possible “ neck nerve “ or “ brain neurology issues “ … any other finer-points...

Leg health, veins (10/2019)

Thank you, chad … Answering your question, : I ask to learn acupressure points to treat the problem , and massage if pertinent

Inquiry re Brain Care + Appreciation !!! (8/2018)

Dear Chad DuPuis, Warm Greetings - ! 'writing as a p s to a question i posted this weekend - 'unsure whether it will be possible to relocate that access option - and with apologies if this email is an...

Inquiry re Brain Care + Appreciation !!! (8/2018)

Dear Chad Dupuis , Good Morning and Thank You Very Much - You have been most generous with your response , and receiving your conscientious expertise guidance initiating this weekend is truly welcome and appreciated. … ’ now to study...

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