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"Maheyah" is a complementary medicine provider from Norway. They joined us in 2021.

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Stomach problems (12/2021)

Hi I am 70 years old, I am anorectic due to stomach problems. My stomach can’t stand almost anything. Nausea, bloating, bouts of unbearable pressure in the abdomen and extreme bloating after meals that are relieved if I take lemon...

Treatment for Gastroparesis (12/2021)

Hi Thank you very much for your help so far. I don’t have much confidence in official medicine and I always look for answers first in TMC for every health problem in the family and among friends and acquaintances. I...

Pulmonary hypertension (12/2021)

Hi I want to help my brother understand and treat pulmonary hypertension. He just got that diagnosis. Please explain this frightening diagnosis through TCM. How is it possible to treat it by manipulating body energies and Chinese herbal medicine? I...

tinnitus and meniere's (12/2021)

Hi Thank you very much for this inspiring site. My question is about tinnitus and meniere’s. I have constant strong noises in both ears, reduced hearing and occasional severe vertigo and headaches. Official medicine has no solution. What solutions are...

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