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Potasium (12/2021)

Warm Greetings,, Can you discuss some clariffication of the following questions? 1. What is the role of potassium in our body? 2. What will happen to our body if potassium will be lower? 3. What organ of our body or...

How to treat a cest? (12/2021)

Warm greetings,,! I have a friend having a cest,, locating near above UB40,, do you have a comment or points to suggest about treating the cest,,? I am now trying to cure it by sorrounding the cest by the neddles....

Undesired to eat (12/2021)

can you give some points how to treat a 13 yrs old child, who had a fever before and now, he is having the ilnness of undesired to eat,, he did not eat for 2 days after he had a...

7 yrs. Glaucoma! (12/2021)

Warm greetings! Can acupuncture treat a patient having glaucoma for seven years? She is now 25 yrs of age, she experience many treatment, but it fails. She is also totally blind since 19 yrs old until the present. I already...

Acupuncture side effect? or not? (12/2021)

Last few days, I treated an athlete which has a knee problems, but while the treatment was going on, a disaster occurs that even I, did not expect it. Here is the story, this athlete(volleyball player) that I've been treating...

Urinary Track Infection (12/2021)

What acupuncture points can you comment about UTI, her urine is red and her tongue is pale.. Zack,,,

Can i comment for the website? (12/2021)

To: yyh_staff Can I comment for this website? I think that it is very important to indicate also how is the needling to be done. If there is an acupoints, there will be also a direction how the needling is...

Re: how to treat cataract in eyes (12/2021)

to: yyh_staff, Can i ask some acupuncture points for treating a cataract in eyes? I already used the points of LV3,LI4,ST36, taiyang, LI11.. Can you add some points?

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