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Sweating for Covid Initial Stage? (12/2021)

I understand that sweating can be used to treat wind-cold invasions of the lungs at the initial stages. I’m not a practitioner, but symptoms of Covid seem to be similar to wind-cold invasion of the lungs. Sweating can be induced...

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Fatigue and imbalance (12/2020)

Nik: Thank you You’re welcome! Nik: Cold served food , anything cold must be avoided , this is for liver fire? That’s general dietary advice for deficiency-related conditions. If liver fire is part of your diagnosis though, that complicates things,...

Fatigue and imbalance (12/2020)

Nik, I’m not a healthcare professional, but I do have a couple thoughts I’d like to share. Nik: I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments. These appear to be root causes of your problems. Can you reduce...

Pins and Needles / Neuropathy (12/2020)

Sorry that you’re going through this Dvryan. Chad’s advice sounds very good. I’m not a healthcare practitioner, but I do have a couple suggestions I’d like to offer. One is to keep a journal of all of your symptoms, when...

Family member in Coma (12/2020)

Brandon, firstly I’m very sorry that your uncle is so sick. I think in some places, an acupuncturist can be allowed to treat hospitalized patients, so you may want to talk to his doctors about this. Even if in principle...

Five element foods (12/2020)

There are a number of good books about traditional Chinese dietary therapy, but I like “The Tao of Healthy Eating” by Bob Flaws.

Sweating for Covid Initial Stage? (11/2020)

Thank you Chad. While the forumlas you mention for treating the initial stage may help, a problem is that along with Covid restrictions, acupuncture and herbal clinics are often getting shutdown, so prescribed herbal treatments may not be available. Online...

Five element foods (11/2020)

Hi Frank, I’m not a TCM professional, but my understanding of it is that the kind of specificity one might use in creating an herbal formula is not needed in dietary therapy. That is, to nourish any deficiency, a middle...

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