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Using tmc together (9/2023)

I am taking Wu Zi Yan Zong WAN currently and seems to be working. Can I take Bu Zhong YI Qi Wan together ? Is there any precautions to be taken?

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Using tmc together (9/2023)

Thanks for getting back. I think I gave you wrong impression of being overworked from playing games or sexual activities. I will consult a practisioner soon. However wu-zi-yang-zong-wan definitely made a huge difference and hope will get to a more...

Using tmc together (9/2023)

To summarize: Low sexual appetite and erection.. 2 weeks of pill surprisingly reversed it to great extent.. planning to continue may be cut the dose.. it also made me quite awake and focused .. only issue I am feeling less...

Using tmc together (9/2023)

Thanks you for getting back. I am 51 and fit using no other medication and exercise frequently. How ever for last couple of years I am experiencing low sexual drive and appetite. My friend recommended wu-zi-yang-zong-wan(revive) and I used it...

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