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Simple tonic following injury (5/2012)

Coating peeled for yin deficiency. Pulse floating is Xu Re. Vomiting? Irritate?Zhu Ye Shi Gao Tang. (Shang Han Lun), Ban Xia decline heat and Sheng Jiang raise Yin and Qi, not only for Nausea.

Phegm congestion and poor digestion in infant (5/2012)

massage the baby&#39s back.

Herbs for cataract (5/2012)

Bo Yun Ding is chinese herb eye-drop. Reduce the speed of development of disease, no cure.It&#39s no help for herbs tea ( cataracts ). expert suggest

Why do patients experience nightmares when taking Suan Zao Ren or Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan? (5/2012)

Gui Pi Tang use for syndrome of deficiency of both heart and spleen( Qi and Yin)Very hard sunk in sleep, caused by Over thinking not by Anxiety.Tongue body&#39s color is slightly red. Tongue coating must be thin and whiteIt help...

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