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Pin and needles and numbess of Toes (12/2021)

I've just started treating a new client who after a back accident about 3 months ago is now experiencing numbness, pins and needles in her right foot. The sensation starts at her 2nd and 3rd toes on right hand side,...

Lupus (12/2021)

Hi, I had a new client enquiry this week from a 56yr old Female suffering with Lupus for the past year. I have not treatment anyone with Lupus before. She is suffering from very painful joints, especially her right knee...

Thumb Pain (12/2021)

Hi, Could you please advise on a treatment protocol for thumb pain from a Cold invasion. Pain starts from around Lu9 Li5 and extends up the thumb joints. Cold weather makes pain worse. Patient is female and 78. Thanks Rachael

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Pin and needles and numbess of Toes (5/2012)

I saw her yesterday after 2 previous treatments. No real improvement but i wasn&#39t expecting such at this time. I&#39m seeing her once a week at the moment. I did the straight leg test as Feng suggested to rule out...

Pin and needles and numbess of Toes (5/2012)

Thanks for the comments Jean and Feng. Can I ask Feng why you think this issue maybe sciatica? She does not present with any of the usual symptoms of sciatica. No pain in the leg or calf, no pain in...

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