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Bee Venom Therapy (12/2021)

I've just started researching bee venom therapy for MS and haven't been able to find TCM based information. I'd love to hear from practioners with information about this modality that includes which points to use and (in TCM terms) why---does...

Parkinson's Patient--Metal or Wood? (12/2021)

Parkinson’s Patient Relevant History Male, Caucasian, 57 yrs old. Main Complaint: Parkinson’s Disease, ‘09 Secondary Complaint: Sinus issues. Signs & Symptoms Shen: glassy pale, red blotches, very slight eye shadows, occasionally green when he’s been drinking. Pulse: Fire, SI excess,...

Five animal frolics (12/2021)

Can anyone direct me towards a concise description of classic five animal frolics? (this is a case of too much info out there.) Thanks.

Need article on herbs, pms, liver qi stagnation, breast cancer (12/2021)

My mother, and the mother of a young woman (R.) close to me, both died of breast cancer. R. has terrible PMS with most of the symptoms being emotional, as I did before taking Xiao Yao Wan for approximately 20...

Veteran with Headaches (12/2021)

Veteran w/Headaches African American Female 44 yrs old. Main Complaint: daily severe left side headaches from trauma, ‘92. Secondary Complaint: plantar fascitis Other: benign thyroid tumors. Signs and Symptoms Shen: white, damp/oily, lively, eyes bulge Tongue: dry, sl. purple, Pulse:...

Lupus Patient (12/2021)

Lupus Patient Case History Relevant History Female, caucasian 38 yrs old. Main Complaint: infertility Secondary Complaint: Lupus Erythemotosus http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0001471/ Signs and Symptoms: Shen: dull pale but lively Pulse: Earth excess, Fire Deficient, Wood Excess and Deficient, Metal slippery, Water Deficient....

Treating Type II Diabetes with Acupuncture (12/2021)

I'm practice Japanese method acupuncture and am seeing an increasing number of overweight male Type II Diabetics, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure, medicated. I'd love to hear from other acupuncturists about how they treat these complicated cases especially...

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Adenomatous Hyperplasia of thyroid (6/2012)

I&#39ve usually found that all kinds of thyroid conditions involve a TCM Heart pattern of some kind; does she have insomnia? Has she developed a stutter?Also, she should check her iodine intake; too little or too much can effect the...

Smokeless Moxa (5/2012)

I have a strong preference for smoky moxa of all kinds and it makes sense to me that using the herb with oils intact will have a great effect than the smokeless charcoal. That said, I&#39m lucky enough to have...

Lupus (5/2012)

Hi Rachel--thanks to the other participants,I just posted a case history of a patient with Lupus whom I&#39ve been treating since September. Unlike your patient, Bi Syndrome is not the predominant symptom. However, she does have fatigue and responds well...

Insomnia & anxiety (5/2012)

I&#39d add just a little bit of moxa on ST36, rice grain, and if it doesn&#39t make her sweats worse, add a little more.

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