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Depression & psoriasis (12/2021)

Hello Sir I got 1 patient with depression & psoriasis, my diagnosis says he is with access yang pattern/Heat. But I am little bit confuse in point selection, if you can please help me out on this. Tong:- paled like...

Lungs Cancer (12/2021)

My Grandmother got lungs cancer and she got fluid in her lungs that causing difficult in breathing. If you can PLEASE suggest some very effective acupuncture/acupressure points to dry out that fluid or to get relief out of it.

Green Diarrhea (12/2021)

Hello Sir, My mother got Diarrhea and she is quite ill since last 5 days, she was in hospital since last 3 days but did not got any reliefe, Please suggest some quick reliefe puncturing points. Problem - Green and...

Bitter taste on eating sweet (12/2021)

Hello Sir, I have an old lady patient complaining for bitter taste on taking any sweet(sugar, or any sweet dish) and she actually forgot the sweet taste and instead every sweet taste her bitter. She has chronic constipation + high...

Summer Arthritis (12/2021)

Hello, Really Need your expert help and TCM for - Summer Arthritis and in which pain & inflammation get increase after taking food like curd, lemon, pickle, orange. Patient is also experiencing hotness in foot and mainly he is experiencing...

Please share few points to disolve GB stone (12/2021)

Hi, I will be really greatfull, if you can share best points to disolve GB stone. If you can suggest Yin Yang Points and magnets(sedation/tonification) will be really helpfull.

Reduce Phlegm Creation (12/2021)

I noticed that St 40 is really good point to drain phlegm from chest. But i am not sure about the best points to stop phlegm creation on chest. Also please guide about the cause of breathing issue between 21:00...

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Depression & psoriasis (5/2014)

He generally prefers cold, but also don’t have any issue with hot, or something we can say that he don’t like hot. He is having sound Sleep without any awakens in night.Points I am using for psoriasis are – SP6,...

Lungs Cancer (2/2014)

Thanks allot for your replay, this really helps me. Actually I am a newly trained acupressureist, I use to do SUJKE and not acupuncture, as I don’t have any experience on treating cancer so I really looking for help experts...

Summer Arthritis (4/2013)

You are actually 100% correct as after confirming and studying past history it is confirmed that the patient was having gout in past due to high alcohol consumption, and which has been recovered so much due to change in lifestyle,...

Summer Arthritis (4/2013)

As i am not very good in tongue and pulse diagnosis. But the other symptoms I noticed are -Liking Cold food and whether, sometime due to inflammation in toes and foot joints he use to place wet towel on foot...

Reduce Phlegm Creation (11/2012)

Thanks allot for the great info, this is really going to help.

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