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Ear plugged, maybe infection (12/2021)

TCM approach to ear issues involving loss of hearing in one ear. Moxa is perhaps easiest way to offer influence at this time. Thank all,

Patent Formulas containing these herbs (12/2021)

Dang gui 10g • Gan Jiang 5g • Xiao Hui Xiang 10g • Wu Ling Zhi 5g • Wu Zhu Yu 10g Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Hydrocephalus in teens, TCM, Qigong, auricular therapy (12/2021)

Hi, I’m looking for treatment suggestions along the lines of qigong, specific breath patterns to move the cerebralspinal fluid down from the brain. I’d also ask about any auricular points I might use seeds on or a cold laser. Is...

Osteoarthritus and Auricular treatment protocols (12/2021)

Suggestions for auricular, points protocol, osteoarthritis in hand.

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Hydrocephalus in teens, TCM, Qigong, auricular therapy (3/2018)

HI Stephen, thanks for answers. Laser is 632nm and is a red cold low level laser, and is recommended for ear and body pts. I’ll ask further questions on the boy. I was hoping you would say “brain stem pt”...

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