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Retinal Detachment, kindly ask for help...

published: 04-22-2022

hi, I kindly ask for help, I'm desperate. as a child in my left eye I lost my sight due to trauma. I am 38 years old an…

Acne and Excess heat on right side of abdomen

published: 02-15-2022

Hello dears. Please reply me sooner. A year ago I had very clear face, I got my face cleaned by using acu point from yo…

Adhesive capsulitis

published: 09-24-2020

i am a practitioner in GA just trying to narrow down the tx for the condiditon and what points have been the most effec…

Points for dry skin

published: 01-30-2020

What would be some good points to treat dry skin? My main problem is dry heat, as I also have a very dry mouth… my skin…

Shiatsu for Lymphedema on left leg + varicose veins

published: 01-08-2020

Hello there, I’m a student of zen shiatsu at the first year and I’m practicing on friends and family. I’ve a question r…

Carpal tunnel syndrome

published: 09-21-2016

**Female patient 44, with hyperthyroidism, has developed Carpal tunnel syndrome. It is just a beginning but she feels p…

Acupressure point for Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)

published: 05-27-2016

Is there no acupressure point for treating ED?

Activated ovaries acupressure points

published: 08-05-2015

What are the main points for those who want in the process of artificial insemination?

Post Herpetic Neuralgia treatment?

published: 03-19-2015

Wondering if anyone has experience with Post Herpetic Neuralgia? Upon a cursory internet search, it seems that hua tuo…

Cervical Dystonia

published: 03-03-2013

Has anyone had good treatment success with a western condition called "Cervical Dystonia"? This particular case present…

Heel burning after acupuncture

published: 02-03-2013

I had acupuncture for tinnitus. I had a needle inserted on the side of my right foot (my left ankle bone) and that has…

Deeply fissured tongue

published: 06-16-2012

Px is 40 y.o male. Chief complain: he suffers from R + L sided pain around his scapula, moreso L. sided along the infer…

Sjogrens disease question

published: 02-18-2012

Could you suggest an acupressure point for Sjogrens Disease - an autoimmune disease

Moxa for hotflashes

published: 01-03-2011

I've come across a study showing that moxa greatly reduced hotflashes occurrences as well as severity of hotflashes. …


published: 04-06-2010

Hi all, Have a client with fibromyalgia 11 of 18 trigger points, constant pain, medical Drs treating her with Zoloft a…

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