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Chinese Medicine Lifestyle And Herbal Approaches To The Coronavirus

published: 03-17-2020

The coronavirus is currently appearing in the US and has spread well throughout large parts of the world. As time has p…

Arm and Hand Acupressure Points

published: 05-24-2015

Below you will find commonly used acupressure points located on the arms and hands.  Acupressure on the arm and hand p…

Acupuncture for Tinnitus - Study Shows Positive Results

published: 09-18-2012

Tinnitus is a common complaint seen by Chinese Medicine practitioners, particularly as many western treatments have poo…

Exploring the "how" of acupuncture - infrared radiation spectrum to illustrate point activity

published: 08-14-2012

Many of my patients often ask me "how" acupuncture works.  I tell them we simply do not know but there are many deep ph…

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