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Treatment of sudden death- grief plus shock

published: 10-20-2019

What are good points for grief and shock from dealing with a sudden death in the family

Acupuncture Point Contraindications and Precautions

published: 01-02-2016

Dear Chad, Regarding Acupuncture Point Contraindications and Precautions, can you advise whether I should also avoid SI…

Lungs Cancer

published: 02-25-2014

My Grandmother got lungs cancer and she got fluid in her lungs that causing difficult in breathing. If you can PLEASE …

Zen Shiatsu and the 5 Element points...Help!

published: 07-08-2009

Submitted By: KenpoVortex Hello Everyone. I have been learning Zen Shiatsu for the last several months and while res…

Lung K, COPD, Emphysema together

published: 03-20-2008

I have a patient with diagnosed small cell cacinoma which had been treated with chemoTx. The following time she has COD…

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