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Acupuncture Points On The Spleen Meridian

Click to view detailed clinical information for any of the points along the spleen meridian. You will find location information, relationships, clinical applications, precautions and more.

If you are a student, or if you simply want to see all of the point locations and functions in one place, view our spleen meridian acupuncture point "flash" cards - study tool section.

SP Point of the Day

All-Round Flourishing (SP20)sp20
  • Aids the descent of lung qi - cough, shortness of breath, chest oppression.
  • Noted for difficulty in ingesting foods.

SP Meridian Student/Usage Information
  • Internal/External Pathways
    Originates at the tip of the big toe
    Goes up leg and crosses and goes in front of the Liver Meridian
    Enters Abdomen and enters the Spleen
    Enters Stomach and continues up to root of the tongue
    Another branch continues from the Stomach to the Heart
  • Measurements Needed
    Lower border of the Medial Condyle of the Tibia (SP 9) -to- Tip of the Medial Malleolus = 13 cun
    Upper border of the Symphysis Pubis -to- Medial epicondyle of the Femur = 18 cun
    Sternal Costal Angle -to- CV 8 = 8 cun
    Anterior Midline -to- Spleen Meridian on the Abdomen = 8 cun
    Anterior Midline -to- Spleen Meridian on the Chest = 6 cun
    Clavicular Lateral Measurement = 8 cun
    Axillary Fold -to- 11th Rib = 12 cun
    Upper Border of the Symphysis Pubis -to- Umbilicus (CV 8) = 5 cun
  • Precautions - [all]
    SP 6 - No Needle in Pregnancy
    SP 12 - Avoid Artery
  • Point Relationships
    SP 12 = 3.5 cun from CV 2
    SP 13 = 4 cun lateral to the AML between CV 2 & CV 3 .7 cun laterosuperior to SP 12
    SP 14 = Divide CV 6 & CV 7 in half (1.25 rounded to 1.3)
    SP 15 = 4 cun lateral to CV 8 (umbilicus)
    SP 20 = Directly below LU 1
  • Additional Helpful Information
  • SP 10 must have the knee flexed, use hand on the knee with fingers at a 45 degree angle and thumb facing the person - your thumb will be on the point.
  • SP 9 to the medial malleolus is 13 cun, subtract one cun from SP 9 to make 12 cun for measuring purposes on the leg.

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