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Below you will find various relationships to, and potential clinical treatment approaches for carpal tunnel syndrome (cts).

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It is critical to appreciate that in Chinese Medicine, treatment for "carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)" is rarely focused on the symptoms exclusively. Alternatively, a practitioner is looking at the factors that led to the development of "carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)" - i.e. the "cause(s)".

For non-practitioners, we recommend reading treating the "cause" and not the "symptoms" for more on the overall approach and the importance of the TCM diagnostic system in formulating treatment approaches.

Some acupuncture points are considered "empirically" related to a specific condition or diagnostic pattern. While this would rarely, if ever, dictate the entire composition of a treatment, the following points should be considered, possibly even more so within the context of acupressure:

  • View EX Huatuojiaji at C6 (Sides of Spine at C6)

        .5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous processes of C6

        C6 innervates the thyroid gland and is used for a range of thyroid issues - hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, etc.  Also used locally for problems down in the arm and hands, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel, etc. Used extensively within the Tam Heal…
  • View EX Huatuojiaji at C7 (Sides of Spine at C7)

        .5 cun lateral to the lower border of the spinous processes of C7

        C7 innervates the parathyroid gland and as it has a role in calcium utilization, this point is use dfor a range of bone problems, arthritis, bone spurs, osteoporosis, etc.  Also used locally for problems down in the arm and hands, shoulder…
  • View LU 8 (Channel Ditch)

        1 cun above LU 9 on the line joining LU 5 & LU 9.

        Not as broad of an effect as LU 7, still useful for expelling wind, tonifying Qi and Yin. Pain in the area of KD 1 - plantar fascitis. Wrist pain - carpal tunnel syndrome. Main treatment point of Kidney Sho pattern (with LU 5 and KD 7) …
  • View ST 12 (Empty Basin)

        In the midpoint of the supraclavicular fossa, 4 cun lateral to the anterior midline.

        Shoulder pain (esp. that radiates to neck). Neck/throat issues - tightness/pain. Cough, counterflow qi, sore, swollen throat (rebellious lung qi). Internal branch of the ST meridian connects here directly from the Stomach, Spleen & …

The Tom Tam/Tong Ren Therapy system can be applied via energy healing/medical qi gong methods as well as an acupuncture component. The acupuncture aspect is generally utilized in combination with more standard TCM diagnostic approaches.

For the specific points/areas that would generally be utilized in someone experiencing "carpal tunnel syndrome (cts)", please read "Tam Healing and Tong Ren Therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) ".

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