Diabetes Type Ii

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Diabetes mellitus its symptoms and cure

Hi What acu points are more practical and useful in Diabetic neuropathy? Thank you Ehsan Malekianzadeh

What is the treatment protocol in acupuncture for diabetic patient with chronic knee pain…

I am ready to buy from TCM herbal medicines, May I ask you a question about, My problem with blood sugar is especially on night ,for example morning is about 200mg and before lunch is 120-140 mg .and the glycosylated hemoglobin is on limit pre diabetes am 1.69 High and 71 kg cholesterol ok ,and …

I have tried several standard protocols for type-2 diabetes, however none of them are giving any result. I know acupuncture/acupressure can treat type-2 diabetes in intial stages. Can you guide me how to select the points for acupressure for type-2 diabetes and what should be duration and frequen…

Diabetes (2 comments)

what is remady and acu points for diabetes?

I want to know, the exact point to cure Diabetes Type II, through Auricular Acupuncture. Though I am getting it treated from an expert Acupuncturist in India who is inserting two nidles in the ear. How much time it will take if somebody is insulin dependent and taking 16 units twice a day…

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