Fibromyalgia (Cfs)

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Qual a relação e os protocolos de tratamento para quem sofre de fibromialgia, dores lombares, melasma grave no rosto. Sofreu abusos na infância e se sentia rejeitada pela mãe. Se sente diferente dos irmãos porque é mais escura que eles. Tem 40 anos, mulher.

Is there a cure for fibromyalgia?

Good afternoon, I am diagnosed and being treated by a Rheumatologist with Severe Fibromyalgia which along with physical pain also causes “severe memory loss” & “severe cognitive dysfunction” as stated by my Dr. I went to my first acupunture apt. today and was given Xiao Chai Hu Tang Wan & L…

Hi all, Have a client with fibromyalgia 11 of 18 trigger points, constant pain, medical Drs treating her with Zoloft and valium also a med for thyroid condition. Would like any input on what meridians to work with acupressure? Has a history of stored up emotions in her tissue, i can feel it when…

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