Lung Cancer

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Both published research and general observations have shown numerous health benefits of drinking tea in general, and green tea in particular.  Many of these are covered in a previous article "the health benefits of drinking tea".  Of interest today is the anti-cancer properties of green tea, with …

There are literally volumes of studies regarding Tai Chi and the health benefits it offers.  So many, in fact, that it is somewhat tiring (but inspiring!) reading through them continually.  I've written previously on some of the basic health benefits of tai chi, and many other articles on health b…

The information below pertains to the Tong Ren Therapy system developed by Tom Tam, a prominent Boston area acupuncturist and healer. The system is used within our "Guinea Pig" Healing Classes which are now located in many parts of the world. Tong Ren Therapy has proven helpful in a wide range of c…

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