Menopause (Hot Flashes)

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Seeking treatment for anxiety, palpitation heat aversion/intolerance without sweating, hot flashes. and early morning heat and heart palpitations for Months without ability to sleep for. More than 6-7 hours resulting oin chronic fatigue

What’s the best acupuncture protocol to address mood swings, anxiety and depression during peri menopause.

If I take this for hot flashes , will I gain weight

I am a for healthy water 55 year old female finished menopause no children and I am; Always tired Depressed Put on tummy and love handle weight Putting weight on even though I work out and eat healthy Always constipated Do t drink alcohol or coffee No smoking or drugs Healthy Please please please …

A woman in menopause with 62 yo, some family problems make her stressful and worry With excellent health diet and active life but can t lose weight Typical oestrogen dominance What is the herbal formula to make her lose weight? Lǐ Shì Qīng Shŭ Yì Qì Tāng (Summerheat-Clearing Qi-Boosting Decoction) ?

What herbs can I use to combat hot flashes, it’s not pleasant at all making me irritated and fed up now, other symptoms are aches in Lower back, knees and especially hips please help if you can

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