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Osteoporosis Is Referenced In 3 Blog Posts

While far from a universal application, the Chinese Herbal Formula liu wei di huang wan plays an important role for aiding a range of pre and post menopausal issues in many patients. Estrogen deficiency, post-menopause, forms the backgroup of most of the common issues a woman may experience such as…

Chinese Medicine is often used to treat a wide range of pain and auto-immune related conditions including osteo (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).  Within Chinese Medicine, Chinese herbal formulas can be used to aid patients with arthritis called (bi-syndromes) in Chinese Medicine.  In a recent st…

Similar to large numbers of people being told they have low vitamin D in recent years, there appears to be a similar increase in men being told that they have low testosterone.  For better or worse many cultures, ours included, often seem more concerned with finding a way to increase testosterone (…

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