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Schizophrenia Related Content and Discussions
“Restrain the Liver” Herbal Formula Helpful In Children With Tourette’s Syndrome

published: 03-01-2022

Yi Gan Wan is one of any number of formulas with potential usages for anxiety and related symptomology.  Yi Gan Wan was…

Yue Ju Wan Herbal Formula Shows Rapid Antidepressant Effect (Study)

published: 01-30-2018

In recent years modern western medicine has found more and more relationships between our digestive systems and our men…

Study Finds Chinese Herbal Formula Yin Chen Hao Tang Protects Liver From Cholestatic Damage

published: 04-22-2015

As the liver is such an important organ to our overall health and there is such a strong focus within Chinese Medicine …

My Heart Is What? Summertime, Heat and Joy...

published: 06-21-2010

This exploration of the heart system is the third in a series demystifying Chinese Medicine Theory for Patients and th…

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