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Tinnitus is the perception of ringing and/or sounds in the ear.  The severity can range from mildly annoying to disabling.  It affects over 340 million people worldwide and appears to be increasing for a not entirely clear set of reasons.  Military personnel, factory workers, and others with noise…

Acupuncture is both a science and an art form and it doesn't always lend itself well to the controlled linear ways of western clinical trials.  While there are volumes of positive studies with acupuncture, a smaller number of those include acupuncture how it is actually practiced (see "What does ac…

Even though Chinese Medicine is new to many of us, it is far from a new medicine, a new "alternative", or any other relationship to "new" that it may gain in popular media. The theories and methods utilized within Chinese Medicine are drawn from thousands and thousands of years of collective huma…

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