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Hello, I am a TCM practitioner located in Israel. I cannot order formulas directly from the site, but only from a local TCM pharmacy here in Israel. Therefore, I wanted to know if it is possible to obtain the proportions of herbs in the formula Shu Gan Wan so that I can order it locally. Thank you…

Hi, I’m currently breastfeeding and i was told not to consume dang gui during breastfeeding…Is this true? If it is, what are the negative causes of dang gui that could cause to infants? How about ginseng too during breastfeeding? I have dreams every night during my sleep since when i was young. I f…

Does anyone know if these chinese herbs will affect my progestin-only birth control? I would like to take this as a preventative measure for future travel, but am not sure how it will affect my birth control. There are no direct correlations listed on the website, but it states St. John’s Wort inte…

I want to know the shiuko cream for the japonese moxa for made 50 g de cream thanks a lot javier

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