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In your opinion, would this formula be more yin, more yang, or neutral in that sense? “Schisandra Adrenal Complex” Ingredients: Schisandra Fruit Chinese Yam Rhizome Poria Sclerotium Asian Water Plantain Rhizome Prepared Rehmannia Root Chinese Dodder Seed Asian Plantain Seed Palm-Leaf Raspberry Frui…

Hi, I’ve just suffered a second miscarriage this year. The first was at 6.5 weeks (looked like baby never grew or implanted right). But this time my numbers (HCG and progesterone) looked great and we had seen the baby’s heartbeat at 6 weeks and everything looked fine… but just before 9 weeks I star…

Hi, I am taking apple cider vinegar capsules before meals to aid digestion, and will start taking Si Jun Zi Tang, which contains Fu Ling. Why is it necesary to avoid vinegar while using Fu Ling? What kind of interaction and side effects would you get? And also, should I avoid vinegar completely in …

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