Herbs That Cool And Transform Phlegm Heat

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Cool And Transform Phlegm Heat - Herbal Functional Grouping (15 herbs)

Herbs That Cool And Transform Phlegm Heat General Introduction
  • Used for phlegm-heat and dry-phlegm patterns - coughs, scrofula, goiters (stagnant phlegm-fire in the channel), convulsions.
Herbs That Cool And Transform Phlegm Heat Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Qian Hu and Bai Qian - redirect lung qi downward and transform phlegm.
    • Qian Hu - disperses wind-heat.
    • Bai Qian - re-establishes normal downward flow of lung qi.
  • Chuan Bei Mu and Zhe Bai Mu - transform phlegm and stop coughing.
    • Chuan Bei Mu - milder, good for children, more for moistening lungs and the transformation of phlegm, good for chronic cough from yin deficiency.
    • Zhe Bei Mu - more for acute, wind-heat coughs and scrofula.
  • Gua Luo family.
    • Gua Luo - less for lubricating the intestines, phlegm, nodules.
    • Gua Luo Pi (Peel) - more effective in opening the middle burner and facilitating the flow of qi.
  • Zhu Li - extremely cold and slippery - excellent for clearing heat and moistening excessive dryness, and calming the spirit. Also useful for spasms, similar to Ban Xia and often used together.
  • Tian Zhu Huang - slightly cold, gentle in nature, good for children.
  • Hai Ge Ke, Fu Hai Shi - clear heat and transform phlegm, cough with thick and difficult expetoration.
    • Fu Hai Shi - more for wind-heat induced cough.
    • Hai Ge Ke - for chronic cough and wheezing from deficiency patterns.

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