Herbs That Drain Fire

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Drain Fire - Herbal Functional Grouping (16 herbs)
Herbs That Drain Fire General Introduction
  • Very cold - for high fever, irritability, thirst, delirium associated with febrile disease.
  • Qi level or yang ming level disorders.
Herbs That Drain Fire Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Most herbs here affect the qi level of disease.
  • Herbal choice is made depending on the severity of the condition and the location of the heat.
  • Shi Gao, Zhi Mu, Lu Gen - major substances for clearing heat from the lungs and stomach at the qi level.
    • Zhi Mu - not as strong as Shi Gao, but nourishes yin and moistens dryness.
    • Lu Gen - sweet and cold; best used for treating heat disorders where the yin has been injured.
  • Zhi Zi - clears heat and drains fire, relatively mild; for initial stages of heat disorders with irritability, jaundice and hot painful urinary dysfunction (eliminates damp-heat).
  • Dan Zhu Ye - clears fire from heart and stomach.
  • Jue Ming Zi, Gu Jing Cao, Mi Meng Hua, Qing Xuang Zi - clear heat from the liver, clearing the vision; for pain, redness, and swelling of the eyes.
    • Jue Ming Zi relieves accumulated heat in the liver channel and pacifies the liver, extinguishes fire, and moistens the intestines.
    • Gu Jing Cao disperses wind and clears the vision, eye disorders due to wind-heat, and remove superficial visual obstruction.
    • Mi Meng Hua nourishes the liver and treats deficiency patterns of blurred vision.
    • Qing Xiang Zi drains fire and clears vision and treats pain, redness, and swelling of the eyes associated with excessive conditions of blazing liver fire.

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