Herbs That Tonify Qi

TCM Materia Medica

Herbs That Tonify Qi - Herbal Functional Grouping (11 herbs)

Herbs That Tonify Qi General Introduction
  • Herbs in this category are generally sweet and rich.
  • They are most often combined with herbs that move and regulate the qi.
Herbs That Tonify Qi Section Summary / Study Notes
  • Ren Shen is used when the qi and yang have collapsed, otherwise Dang Shen is preferred.
    • Body tonify yuan qi; often used together for this purpose.
    • Dang Shen is good for deficient cough with profuse sputum.
  • Tai Zi Shen - gentle, moist, can replace Ren Shen especially in cases of liver yang rising.
  • Bai Zhu - spleen deficiency leading to digestion problems or water metabolism issues.
  • Huang Qi - wei qi, warms and raises qi, water metabolism issues.
  • Huang Jing, Shan Yao - relatively neutral, used for tonifying qi and yin.
    • Huang Jing - more moistening, relatively stronger in nourishing yin, good for post-febrile disease where yin and qi have been injured.
    • Shan Yao - astringent, used for various types of incontinence or collapse.

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