Jin Qian Cao - Lysimachia, Whole Plant

TCM Materia Medica

Jin Qian Cao TCM Herb Classifications and Usages

The TCM herb "jin qian cao" which in english is "lysimachia, whole plant", is categorized within the "herbs that drain dampness" functional grouping. It is thought to enter the gall bladder, kidney, liver and urinary bladder channels and exhibits neutral (ping) and sweet (gan) taste/temperature properties.

Dosages and preparations will vary according to each individual and the overall approach of a formula, but generally this herb has the following dosage and/or preparation guidelines:

  • Dosage: 15-60g

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Promotes urination, important herb for stone lin syndromes (also helps for other lin types).
  • Clears damp-heat in the liver and gallbladder - jaundice, red, swollen eyes.
  • Reduces toxicity and swelling - snakebit, abscess, traumatic injury.

While it may not always be included depending on the manufacturer or herbalist making the formula, jin qian cao is generally included in the following 4 formulas:

  • Li Dan Wan (Benefit The Gallbladder Pills) - A range of gallbladder, liver and related digestive/obstruc…
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  • Li Niao Pai Shi Wan (Water Stone Removal Pill) -  Useful for a range of calcifications/stones - kidney stone…
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  • San Jin Wan (Triple Gold Pills) - Painful/burning or diffulty urination possibly with increas…
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  • Yunnan Baiyao (White Powder From Yun Nan) - A very important formula to stop bleeding (generally from a…
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    As noted above, jin qian cao is within the herbs that drain dampness functional group. All the herbs in this category are listed below.

    (truncated intro "... there are two main types of dampness: accumulation of fluids in the body - edema, congested fluids (respiratory a…)".

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