Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan - Pinellia, Atractylodis and Gastrodia Combination

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Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan Herbal Formula Classifications and Usages

The herbal formula "ban xia bai zhu tian ma wan" , 半夏白术天漫丸, which in english is "pinellia, atractylodis and gastrodia combination", is categorized within the "treat phlegm" functional grouping and within the "transform phlegm and extinguish wind" sub-category.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Nausea with possible vomitting from combination of damp with liver qi stagnation causing rebellious qi.
  • Dizziness, migraines, and vertigo from damp and liver wind rising.
  • Heavy or oppressed sensation of the chest.

Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan has some precautions to be considered (see our precautions list).

This formula should not be used to treat dizziness or vertigo due to liver yang rising patterns.

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    For many reasons such as availability, ecological choices, and/or price, each manufacturer or herbalist may well adjust the exact composition of a specific formula. Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan is generally comprised of the following herbs:

  • Bai Zhu (Atractylodes (White) Rhizome) - Tonifies the spleen, augments qi, dries dampness - diarrhea…
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  • Ban Xia (Pinellia Rhizome) - Dries dampness, transforms cold-phlegm, descends rebellious…
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  • Cang Zhu (Atractylodes) - Strongly dries dampness, strengthens spleen - low appetite,…
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  • Chen Pi (Tangerine Peel) - Regulates Qi, improves transportive function of the spleen…
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  • Gan Cao (Licorice Root) - Tonifies the spleen and augments qi - spleen deficiency w/s…
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  • Gan Jiang (Dried Ginger Root) - Warms the middle and expels cold - warms spleen and stomach…
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  • Huang Qi (Astragalus Root) - Tonifies spleen qi - lack of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea. …
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  • Ren Shen (Ginseng Root) - Strongly tonify yuan qi - extreme collapse of qi, shortnes…
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  • Shen Qu (Medicated Leaven) - Reduces food stagnation, strengthens stomach - stomach cold…
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  • Tian Ma (Gastrodia Root) - Calms the liver, extinguishes liver wind from either heat o…
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  • Ze Xie (Water Plantain Root) - Promotes urination, drains damp-heat in the lower burner - …
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    A single formula, alone, may not be sufficient to fully address a particular TCM diagnostic pattern. Formulas may be used alone, in combinations, and/or in stages. Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan is a candidate for consideration when needing to influence liver qi stagnation, liver wind and/or spleen qi deficiency.

    Ban Xia Bai Zhu Tian Ma Wan may potentially be used, in coordination with a well tailored overall approach, to influence the following conditions: abdominal pain, dizziness (vertigo), headache, nausea and/or vertigo

    Our clinical staff have made the following notes, regarding ban xia bai zhu tian ma wan.

    For damp accumulation due to spleen qi deficiency with concurrent liver qi stagnation.  Generally the spleen qi is weakened first, potentially from chronic liver qi stagnation where the liver invades the spleen but not necessarily.  The liver qi stagnation prevents the liver from promoting the smooth flow of qi from top to bottom and the liver wind results in relatively too much upward movement.  This upward excess draws damp and phlegm into the upper [jiao].

    As noted above, ban xia bai zhu tian ma wan is within the treat phlegm functional group. And it appears within the sub-category "transform phlegm and extinguish wind", which contains the following formulas:

  • Bi Yan Wan (Nose Inflammation Tablets) - For acute or chronic rhinitis resulting from the combinatio…
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    All formulas in the primary category of "treat phlegm" are listed below.

    (truncated intro "...the concepts of dampness and phlegm are deeper than our initial associations with excessive mucus. excess dampness and phlegm inhibits circ…)".

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