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Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan Herbal Formula Classifications and Usages

The herbal formula "er chen he san zi yang qin wan" which in english is "two aged herbs & three seeds nursing pills", is categorized within the "treat phlegm" functional grouping and within the "dry dampness and expel phlegm" sub-category.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Modified version of er chen wan - formula for clearing phlegm in both acute and chronic cases - seasonal colds and flus with phlegm, chronic wet cough, sinus issues and more physical signs such as dizziness, meniere's with the right causal factors.

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For many reasons such as availability, ecological choices, and/or price, each manufacturer or herbalist may well adjust the exact composition of a specific formula. Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan is generally comprised of the following herbs:

ViewBai Jie Zi (White Mustard Seed)

Warms the lungs, regulates qi, expels cold-phlegm - cough with copious and thin sputum, chest distention, pain due to accumulation of phlegm-cold, especially for chronic disorders. Dissipates nodule…

ViewChen Pi (Tangerine Peel)

Regulates Qi, improves transportive function of the spleen, relieves diaphragm - epigastric/abdominal distention, fullness, bloating, belching, nausea, vomiting (promotes movement of qi in general; …

ViewFu Ling (Poria, China Root)

Promotes urination, drains dampness, transforms phlegm - urinary difficulty, diarrhea, edema, headache, dizziness, greasy tongue coat. Strengthens the spleen, harmonizes the middle jiao - diarrhea, …

ViewGan Cao (Licorice Root)

Tonifies the spleen and augments qi - spleen deficiency w/shortness of breath, fatigue, loose stools (si jun zi tong). Qi and/or blood deficiency w/irregular pluse or palpitations (Zhi Gan Cao Tang)…

ViewLai Fu Zi (Radish/Turnip Seeds)

Reduces food stagnation, transforms accumulations - distention, belching with a rotten smell, acid regurgitation. Descends lung qi, reduces phlegm - chronic cough or wheezing due to excess syndromes…

ViewSheng Jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome)

Release the exterior, wind-cold, regulate ying and wei qi Warms the middle jiao - stomach cold/vomiting Alleviates coughing, warms lung Reduces toxicity of other herbs

A single formula, alone, may not be sufficient to fully address a particular TCM diagnostic pattern. Formulas may be used alone, in combinations, and/or in stages. Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan is a candidate for consideration when needing to influence lung dampness - phlegm cold and/or stomach dampness.

Er Chen He San Zi Yang Qin Wan may potentially be used, in coordination with a well tailored overall approach, to influence the following conditions: asthma, bronchitis, cough, meniere's disease, sinus infection and/or sinusitis

As noted above, er chen he san zi yang qin wan is within the treat phlegm functional group. And it appears within the sub-category "dry dampness and expel phlegm", which contains the following formulas:

ViewEr Chen Wan (Two Aged Herbs)

The primary base formula to resolve phlegm damp, particularly in the lungs and GI system - cough (with white mucus), plugged ears, sinus blockage - along with GI symptoms of nausea, vomiting. Upper …

All formulas in the primary category of "treat phlegm" are listed below.

(truncated intro "...the concepts of dampness and phlegm are deeper than our initial associations with excessive mucus. excess dampness and phlegm inhibits circ…)".

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