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My son is 14 years 165 lbs, good shape, active, plays sports and is social, good academics. Hypothyriodism runs in the family. His thyroid levels are normal, and he is tested every 6 months. But every evening his fatigue kicks in, He has napped amost everyday of his life,and still does. He sleeps f…

Hi everybody, I’m just wondering if anybody can help me by reading my tongue pls? I live in an isolated area and I am trying to self help but I am not expert. Here is a picture. The sides look swollen to me especially the right side. I’ve been taking an Shen bu xin wan for palpitations but I also …

I’ve noticed that several brands make a patent of An Shen Bu Xin. Do any of the formulas not contain pearl? Asking due to shellfish allergy. Thank you!

I recently got diagnosed with AFib. Right before major attack I was suffering from vertigo. I also have anxiety. The herb formula An Shen Bu Xin Wan seems right wondered if anyone else has these symptoms and have tried this formula. Thanks.

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