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shu gan wan formula

published: 05-27-2020

Hello, I am a TCM practitioner located in Israel. I cannot order formulas directly from the site, but only from a local…

Fatigue and imbalance

published: 11-04-2019

I feel exhausted fatigue from environmental stress and study commitments. Also the last couple of days I caught a bad…

Constantly clearing my throat every few seconds

published: 06-24-2018

Help! I am constantly clearing my throat every few seconds. I have post nasal drip due to allergies but allergy meds …

Internal Tremor - legs mainly

published: 05-04-2018

Have you treated ‘internal tremor’ felt mainly in the legs and without obvious external shaking? Maybe related to Thyro…

Red and burning tongue

published: 08-10-2017

Hi Im so happy I found this forum, maybe I will finally get some help with my burning tongue. In the past 4 years I hav…

Split tongue with yellow coating

published: 11-07-2016

Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum. Any thoughts about these tongue signs? The coating on the indentation (split) is …

Stomach bloating after eating or drinking anything. Is it IBS?

published: 08-07-2016

Hello, Over the past couple of months my stomach has started to bloat up after eating or drinking anything?

Liver qi stagnation with underlying phlegm

published: 05-28-2016

Hello! I went to the acupuncturist early this week, and from my general state they determined I had liver qi stagnation…

Acid reflux or gerd

published: 03-14-2016

What herb is use to cure such ailment

Chronic Hives Treatment

published: 08-13-2015

I have chronic hives, I have had them for about 6 years now. I take one or two Reactine approximately every other day t…


published: 06-05-2013

Hello. Is it okay to take Mu Xiang Shun Qi Wan if I take An Shen Bu Xin Wan for palpitations? For some reason, my indig…

Qigong Fasting - 3 Days with little food intake but energetic and clear mind

published: 02-19-2013

Have a nice a day, Last month I was doing a lot of sitting meditation at nights and chi gong in the morning and chi gon…

After Gallbladder surgery removal - extreme pain

published: 07-02-2012

Female 40 year old patient, had gall bladder removed few months ago, recently started experiencing severe abdominal pai…

Advice Needed - Tongue Pictures Attached

published: 06-24-2012

I'm 21 years old and been suffering from the following symptoms since the past 2 years:- 1. Gastroesophageal reflux dis…

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