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Is anyone familiar with the best herbal formula or herb other than ginger for nausea due to early pregnancy? Also, is Si Wu Tang safe to take during pregnancy?

Hello, I am a 40’ish year old female, it has been a while that I have been diagnosed with anemia, specially very low Ferritin. My Dr. Advised me to go on iron supplements. I have had tried at least 6 different kinds. I also have to mention that, I do have rosacea and taking any of these supplements…

I began experiencing nausea and pain behind the eyes back in December, 2018 (2 months postpartum). The nausea lasted for 2.5 months every day. Some days were u bearable and others I seemed to manage. I vomited one time. After the nausea faded away, I began experiencing an even scarier symptoms is n…

I have been diagnosed with a severe ferriprive anemia ( very low iron, about 10 ) and very low hemoglobin too. I started a treatment with GUI PI WAN and BA ZHEN WAN, which do help me a lot in conjunction with heme iron. Would you have any other recommandation to make to improve the hemoglobin reco…

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