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Early Pregnancy

published: 11-20-2020

Is anyone familiar with the best herbal formula or herb other than ginger for nausea due to early pregnancy? Also, is S…

Cannot take any iron supplements

published: 10-17-2020

Hello, I am a 40’ish year old female, it has been a while that I have been diagnosed with anemia, specially very low Fe…

Numbness throughout entire body

published: 04-13-2019

I began experiencing nausea and pain behind the eyes back in December, 2018 (2 months postpartum). The nausea lasted fo…

Ferriprive Anemia

published: 01-10-2017

I have been diagnosed with a severe ferriprive anemia ( very low iron, about 10 ) and very low hemoglobin too. I starte…

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