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My son is 14 years 165 lbs, good shape, active, plays sports and is social, good academics. Hypothyriodism runs in the family. His thyroid levels are normal, and he is tested every 6 months. But every evening his fatigue kicks in, He has napped amost everyday of his life,and still does. He sleeps f…

I see a TCM and recently I have been having sleep issues and constipation, I do not enter a restful state of sleep and wake up every few hours. She also prescribed Si ni San wan and I do underStand what that is used for, and I see that in some cases it is even used for insomnia. But I’m confused ab…

Hello - I am looking for a Chinese herbal formula to help with upper abdominal pain. Specifically stomach pain. The Western Medicine doctors cannot find anything wrong (I’ve been scoped, tested, etc. for several years - nothing). I believe it is a liver/stomach imbalance issue. I have been takin…

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