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Yu Ping Feng Wan Herbal Formula Classifications and Usages

The herbal formula "yu ping feng wan" , 玉屏風丸, which in english is "jade windscreen formula", is categorized within the "stabilize and bind" functional grouping and within the "stabilize the exterior and the lungs" sub-category.

You may also see this formula referenced by: Yu Ping Feng San, Jade Windscreen Powder, Siler and Astragalus Formula.

Of many possible clinical applications, it may be considered to influence the following issues/symptoms:

  • Frequent colds, flus, chronic bronchitis - general low immunity to common infections.
  • Spontaneous sweating, aversion to wind and/or cold.
  • With appropriate diagnosis may be used to treat acute facial paralysis/Bell's Palsy.
  • Particularly useful for children who always get sick often and tend towards the worst versions of whatever pathogen is going around (i.e. illnesses that quickly travel deeply - common cold to bronchitis, etc.) - often needs to be taken for many months, ideally during a period when they are not sick.

Yu Ping Feng Wan has some precautions to be considered (see our precautions list).

  • Use with caution with patients presenting with yin deficiency.
  • Do not use for spontaneous sweating due to an exterior syndrome - only for sweating due to wei qi deficiency.

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    For many reasons such as availability, ecological choices, and/or price, each manufacturer or herbalist may well adjust the exact composition of a specific formula. Yu Ping Feng Wan is generally comprised of the following herbs:

  • Bai Zhu (Atractylodes (White) Rhizome) - Tonifies the spleen, augments qi, dries dampness - diarrhea…
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  • Da Zao (Chinese Date, Jujube) - Tonifies spleen qi - weakness, shortness of breath, reduced…
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  • Fang Feng (Ledebouriella root, siler) - Releases exterior, expel wind-cold (headache, chills, body …
  • View
  • Huang Qi (Astragalus Root) - Tonifies spleen qi - lack of appetite, fatigue, diarrhea. …
  • View
  • Sheng Jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome) - Release the exterior, wind-cold, regulate ying and wei qi …
  • View

    A single formula, alone, may not be sufficient to fully address a particular TCM diagnostic pattern. Formulas may be used alone, in combinations, and/or in stages. Yu Ping Feng Wan is a candidate for consideration when needing to influence lung qi deficiency and/or lung wind invasion - wind cold.

    Yu Ping Feng Wan may potentially be used, in coordination with a well tailored overall approach, to influence the following conditions: bronchitis, chronic illness, common cold, flu and/or rhinitis

    As noted above, yu ping feng wan is within the stabilize and bind functional group. And it appears within the sub-category "stabilize the exterior and the lungs", which contains the following formulas:

    All formulas in the primary category of "stabilize and bind" are listed below.

    (truncated intro "...these formulas generally involve the restraint of leakages from the body (urine, sperm, leukorrhea, blood, sweat, etc.) these leakages can …)".

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