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I have been to a few acupuncturists throughout the years and mostly been treated by acupuncture alone. A consistent theme in my diagnosis is spleen damp. My tongue is a little coated white mostly, a purplish spot on the left side. some small cracks where the lung area would be. I do have loose …

Hello, Is there any TCM for chronic clots in lungs knowns as CTEPH. Please help. Thank you.

Do you know anything about Jinshui Huanxian formula for PF? I have read studies and can’t seem to find a place to buy it Thank you, Romola

My son is 8 years old. Always having cold, sore throat, poor appetite

Hi! I use the Du Huo Ji sheng tang. For my ankolising spondilitis. i have lots of damp in the body. it gives me back pain and siactica. and problems to move and walk.its better since i started to take them. Others/better sugestions? i also take Yu Ping Feng San… since my white blood cells where low…

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