Spleen Qi Sinking

TCM Diagnostic Pattern

Spleen Qi Sinking TCM Pattern Connections

Below you will find various relationships to the concept of and potential approaches for spleen qi sinking.

Spleen Qi Sinking is one of many possible underlying factors from a TCM perspective for health issues such as crohn's disease, gastroptosis, hypotension (low blood pressure), myasthenia gravis, and/or tinnitus.

The above issues are common examples. In clinical situations, however, there are any number of other possibilities. Many times there will be a layered combination of issues intermixed from a variety of causal patterns in TCM terms. While initially complex, this is illustrative of the the web of relationships that Chinese Medicine is designed to approach.

General TCM Diagnostic Signs

Tongue: Pale.
Pulse: Empty or weak.

Treatment approaches are often akin to unravelling an onion, with the goal of resolving the root factor involved in the constellation of resulting issues. The current and historical array of issues and signs must be taken into consideration as well as the timing of the onset of each individual aspect.

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