Yi Guan Jian Herbal Formula May Aid Liver Damage

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Yi Guan Jian Herbal Formula May Aid Liver Damage

Published on 02-23-2011

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Chinese researchers from China Medical University in Taichung recently conducted an animal study looking at a common Chinese herbal formula for liver fibrosis/damage.

The formula being tested is Yi Guan Jian which may be used clinically in patients with liver damage. In TCM terms it is generally for qi stagnation with yin deficiency of the liver and kidneys. It contains Sheng Di Huang, Gou Qi Zi, Sha Shen, Mai Men Dong, Dang Gui, and Chuan Lian Zi.

While years of clinical evidence have shown the herbal formula to be effective, this study was undertaken to find the biochemical actions which provided the observable effects.

For the study liver fibrosis was induced in rates by DMN injection 3 days/week for 4 weeks. The herbal formula was then orally administered for 2 weeks. Liver samples were taken and analyzed with common methods.

Compared to the control group, the herbal medicine treatment group found decreases in body weight loss, reduced damage to the liver, lower levels of signs shown in liver damage (GOT, GPT, etc.)

This study shows that the formula protects the liver and reduces fibrosis. In human models studies should be done to confirm that the formula can reverse liver fibrosis.

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