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Tongue diagnosis

Published on 09-05-2022

"anon42568" is a generally interested contributor - this is their first post.

Thank you for this awesome website. Its very informative.

I am Looking for advice here with tongue diagnosis.

My tongue has a thick white coating with a big crack in the middle. The thick white coating goes till the very end of the tongue.

Since 2019, I became very weak, and got bloated, had water rentetion, urine incontenince, always fearful, weak digestion and passing undigested food many times, later I found I also had a sevre B12 deficiency. I had eczema near my groin many year ago and now its little better. Also, I sweat a lot very easily.

Currently, I am having these symptoms:

Always fatgiues, Feels like I have slow body blood circulation, Anxiety, fear, Irritability, chest tightness left side, feeling like wind is moving around in my body everywhere especially my wrist, lower abdomen and legs. When I try to walk or lift my hand up in the air, It feels I am flying while walking and my hand lifts up with speed,

My Acupunture doctor told me that I have a lot of dampness in my body. The first point she pressed was SP9 and it pained a lot there. 

I am here to just discuss and look for some advice. 



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comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
on Sep 2022

I would just keep up with your acupuncturist, they are certainly on track and your diagnosis seems pretty straightforward.  That said, clearning dampness/phlegm can take some time and often involves considerable dietary and lifestyle changes.  You will likely be with your practitioner on some level of frequency for many months to a few years depending on a host of factors.

You should work directly with your acupuncturist (eventually finding one who also practices herbal medicine if your current practitioner does not).  Over time they will guide you towards certain dietary habits that will help you, possibly the addition of moxibustion, exercise techniques, etc.

Generally speaking on the dietary side it is cutting sugar, alcohol, cold/raw foods, processed foods, large meals, eating late, etc. - essentially all of the things we tend to already know are not great for us (except maybe the cold/raw aspect which is more unique to Chinese Medicine).  

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comment by "Flying Dragon" (complementary)
on Nov 2022

Hello Anon ....

Damp retention from spleen yang deficiency will make you feel heavy and slow, otherwise what you have described (fatigue, bloating, undigested food in stool) sounds like spleen and stomach (and lung) qi deficiency.  The other pattern of wind moving in the middle and lower body and flaring upwards on movement suggests there maybe toxic heat in the centre (spleen/stomach) or at the qi level..  TCM has herbal preparations to treat both the deficiency and the wind patterns.  I would suggest consulting a traditional Chinese herbal doctor for diagnosis and treatment complementary to your acupuncture treatment. Best wishes for good recovery.

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comment by "Monica" (acupuncturist)
on Apr 2023

The thick white coating on the tougue is caused by spleen problems. Tougue with big crack in the middle, urine incontinence, fear and easy sweating, all of which are caused by kidney problems. Irritable, anxiety, feeling stuffy in the left chest, feeling like wind around the body due to liver problems. Your spleen and kidneys problems resulting in indigestion of food.  
In this situation, you can not eat ice cream or mint, can not have cold drinks. With your constitution, you also have to stop having sex.


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