Abdominal Nine Needles HIV/AIDS

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Abdominal Nine Needles HIV/AIDS

Published on 11-22-2009

"jambotruong" - this is their first post.


Has anyone heard about this 9 needle technique? I came across something but am not sure what it is.

Here is the link to the study I found

Any help would be really appreciated!


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Acupoints: cv 11, cv 12, cv 13

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nine needls is just nine kinds of needle, it is acupuncture tools.

I believe " nine needle" is same pronunciation as " moxa needl", it can warm stomache " middle jiao"

and stop diarrhea ( one of symton of aids).

Thank you!


Feng Mei

Posted: 11-23-2009

There are many things that the authors could be referring to in the article. I've written Dr. Zhong, the clinician mentioned in the study, and will let you know if he responds with a description.

Posted: 11-23-2009

Well, let's think for a moment!

Treatment principles:

1)Tonify deficiency

2)Eliminate damp and phlegm toxins

3)regulate the Qi, and remove blood stasis

9 abdominal points:

We have the choice of the front Mu points, the meeting points, points on the ren meridian and on the kidney, spleen and liver meridians.

Gb 25, mu point of the Ki. Tonifies the Kidneys, regulates the water passages, fortifies the spleen and regulates the intestines, strengthen the lumbars. Good for cold or damp diarrhea.

Cv 12, mu point of the stomach, also meeting point of the Fu organs, transforms phlegm, harmonizes liver and Stomach, rectifies the Qi, transforms dampness by tonifying the middle!

Liv 13, mu point of the spleen, meeting points of the zang organs, therefore can gather the qi into all the zang organs to tonify deficiency, regulate the qi, help transform phlegm by boosting the qi in the middle Jiao.

St 25: Mu point of the Large Intestine, regulates the Intestines, regulates Spleen and Stomach, resolves damp and damp heat, regulates Qi and blood, eliminates diarrhea, edema or constipation.

Cv 6:

Sea of Qi: tonifies the Qi, tonifies the Kidneys and fortifies the yang, regulates qi and harmonizes the blood.

Cv 4:

Fortifies the original qi and benefits the essence, tonifies and nourishes the kidneys, warms and fortifies the spleen, regulates small intestins qi, restores prolapse.

Benefits both yin and yang and the Jing.

Posted: 11-24-2009

thank you so much!

i will update the site with findings pronto!

Posted: 11-26-2009

Well Dr. Zhong wrote back to my question about the protocol and had the following to say:

"The locations of the nine abdominal needles formula are Ren11, Ren12, Ren13, one Cun aside of the three points. Ren11 has the function of harmonizing and descending stomach Qi, transforming spleen and eliminating dampness. Ren12 is the front-Mu point of stomach, and influential point of the Fu organs. It has the function of harmonizing and descending stomach Qi, transforming spleen. Ren13 has function of harmonizing and descending stomach Qi, eliminating phlegm, and calming mental. The three points have strong function of tonifying and regulating the Qi, and eliminating dampness of the upper, middle, and lower Jiao. The other six points are between the Shaoyin kidney of foot and Yangming stomach of foot. They also have the function of tonifying kidney and stomach."

So the 9 abdominal needles mentioned are CV 11, CV 12, CV 13 and then points one cun out on either side of each of the cv points.

Posted: 11-26-2009

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