Can acupuncture fix a lumbar strain/sprain?

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Can acupuncture fix a lumbar strain/sprain?

Published on 08-13-2013

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Could someone please tell me if acupuncture can fix lumbar problems? I'm close to disparate at this point with waking up hungry thirsty very low energy and body aching. I was hoping I could fix myself w acupressure but that's exhausting and takes up most of the day. Any help?

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    comment by "anon116606"
    on Aug 2013

    I set up an appt w the Dr who has the most exp. we have 3 docs in the area. I appreciate your replies.

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Aug 2013

    As I responded to in your other related post, yes but you need to see a fully trained and licensed professional in your area. Generally speaking all pain related conditions respond extremely well to acupuncture.

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