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Acupressure points for back pain, blue lips and numbness (12/2021)

A couple of the children I work with have stated my lips are blue. When I look under my tongue, it definitely is blue. I injured the mid portion of my back while helping to move furniture last week. While...

Eacupuncture for thoracic building discs? (12/2021)

My son is 38 yrs old, has 2 bulging disc in his thoracic region, one building out and the other in, toward the spinal cord. He was sent to a back surgeon who told him surgery should be his last...

Finding a practitioner in CA (12/2021)

I will be in CA for a few months and want to know how to find a good Acupuncture Doctor in San Francisco. If I understood my current Dr. It sounds like CA has their own Board and aren’t part...

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Eacupuncture for thoracic building discs? (5/2016)

I always receive a quick, competent reply. Thank You! I’m forwarding this info to him.

Finding a practitioner in CA (6/2015)

“So to find a practitioner, use google, use the NCCAOM website, etc. There are a plethora there and many are quite good, so you won’t have any troubles finding one.” Thanks, that’s the info I needed (how and where to...

Acupressure pain (11/2014)

Thank you, everyone, for your help. That&#39s why I come to this site, everyone is so forthcoming with their knowledge to help.

Acupressure pain (11/2014)

Thank you for your comments. Is the reason there is pain initially because of a build up of lactic acid? A friend suggested this could be the cause, esp if he isn&#39t drinking water, and drinking sugar free soda.

As suggested, I saw the Dr 7 visits but tendinitis / wrist pressure still very intense (9/2013)

When I say it was getting better and now it&#39s bad or worse, what I mean, or what I think happened, is that as it felt better, I started using it more, chopping tomatoes and pears. So I&#39m thinking I&#39m...

Sciatica and dequervain tendinitis (8/2013)

What kind of information can I have ready with info he would like to know. My fasting BS was 81 this am. I have been craving sweets, plain water just doesn&#39t&#39t taste right when plain water is what I&#39ve been...

Can acupuncture fix a lumbar strain/sprain? (8/2013)

I set up an appt w the Dr who has the most exp. we have 3 docs in the area. I appreciate your replies.

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