Fire Preparation (dry-frying)

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Fire Preparation (dry-frying)

Published on 08-18-2012

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I am a student of Acupuncture. I have this homework assignment and I am a bit stuck. Here is the question:

Q: In the fire process, there's a method called "stir-baking with liquids", please list and explain the purpose to process herbs with liquids such as: (Hint) honey, vinegar, wine, ginger juice, salt water.

I am thinking the answer is to encourage the herbs being processed either be enhanced to go to the organs in question or to encourage an herb that would not normally go to a specific organ to go where we want it to. Even if you do not want to give me the actual answer I would really like to know what book I can reference for Stir-Baking with Liquids.

Thank you so much!

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    comment by "Catfishy1"
    on Aug 2012

    I workd hard for this one... Here is how I answered the question.

    This procedure is a method to correct herbal properties, increase, reduce their actions or their side effects by infusing them with the liquids properties during processing. The liquids offer different effects.

    Honey Stir-Baked Herbs - These tend to moistening the lung and relieving cough, and reduce some toxic effects.

    Wine Stir-Baked Herbs - This combination is aimed at the promotion of blood circulation, expelling wind, as well as reduce some side-effects.

    Ginger Juice Stir-Baked Herbs - Reduces bitter flavors of other herbs and upset stomach caused by herbs that are cold in nature or upset stomach alone.

    Vinegar Stir-Baked Herbs - Can soothe the liver and relieve pain. Vinegar is known to be an astringent and analgesic. As before it can reduce the toxicity.

    Salt Water Stir-Baked Herbs - These combinations have a strengthening the effect on the kidneys, and can nourish the Yin. I did not read if Salt Water-Baked process will decrease side effect or toxicity. Salt has a leeching effect so I do not see why this could not also be a property of Salt Water Stir-Baking.

    Finally there is Stir-Baking with ginger juice; this is good for relieving cold, vomiting and reducing the toxic effects.

    It should also be noted that honey and vinegar have both been used since Egyptian times to preserve foods. Honey will also prevent the growth of bacteria naturally, due to its hygroscopic properties.

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    comment by "ChadD" (acupuncturist)
    on Aug 2012

    I could easily be wrong and/or I don&#39t understand the answer they are looking for - but I don&#39t believe there is a specific quick statement that one can give in response to your question. If you search our individual herb database, for example, for "dry fried" you will find a number of formulas that have recommendations for this process. In each case, however, the end result of dry frying is completely different for each herb. Some it enhances the function, some it warms it up, some it changes the nature, etc. - just like your question says. If you do this search, for example finding chao huang bai, you can read about specific examples where this process is commonly done to get an idea of the range of results.

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    comment by "Nonsuchauri"
    on Aug 2012

    I thought you answered the question pretty well after the hard work. Well done.

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